Our Duo scarves are an alliance between two different printed silk fabrics. A mosaic of colors and graphics always contrasted and often unexpected. Combining different types of silks (twill, satin, mousseline, crepe), our Duos play on transparency and reflections.  They are for both men and women.

We have chosen to avoid using new fabrics or prints and prefer to give a second life to overstock fabrics. Our Duos are therefore all unique pieces or limited editions. Due to the exclusive nature of our fabrics and the way in which we source them, our Duos don't adhere to specific schedules, calendars and won't be discounted.

The silks and prints of our Duos are chosen and are then associated in Duo. The founders being so different, the confrontation is all the more astonishing.


We aim to support the French 'savoir-faire', all our Duos are hand sewn by a local artisan, and even our packaging (boxes and silk paper) is made in France. Conscious of our environment, we have ensured that ours is a local Parisian creation and production process in order to limit the carbon imprint of our Duos.

The Carré, the Queen Size, the Echarpe and the Biais are the four styles of our Duos.

As demanding consumers, our first instinct is to remove all fabric labels. We therefore wanted to offer a different approach to labeling. Our logo is engraved on gold plated rivets and fastened to a corner of each Le Duo scarf. 


Our only recommendation? Wear it. Wear it again. And again. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone. Get it?