Zero Waste & Overstock:
Our design process involves creating luxury products with a zero-waste policy.  Each fabric purchased is used in its entirely and styles are available in limited editions or unique pieces. Our fabrics are all sourced from overstock specialists and fashion brands to ensure that we use already existing resources rather than creating new ones.
Handcraft & Fair & Locally Produced
All our Le Duos are locally produced (within 40kms of our Head Office).  They are all hand finished, and our rivets are individually placed by hand, we pay above the legal working wage to ensure the highest level of workmanship.  Our rivets are engraved by a Parisian company established over a century ago, a historical institution that combines an artisanal savoir-faire with the latest technologies.
Traditional techniques + Eco-Friendly
Our packaging is sourced in France, our boxes are made by a Parisian company that has been producing high quality packaging for over 50 years.  They use a traditional technique “markage a chaud” in order to label each box individually.  Our silk paper is sourced from a company over 150 years old, who is part of the FSC (Responsible Forestry Label) and creates beautiful silk paper that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They are also a member of Sedex and EPV.
Our packages are shipped in 100% recycled cardboard delivery boxes, our labels and gift cards are 100% recycled and made in France.